Instructions for a good internet connection 

to the UCPSS on-line platform

 You can download the instruction pdf here or follow the guidelines below.

We strongly recommend to use (the latest version of) Google Chrome as internet browser.
You can download the Google Chrome browser from
Use this link to check the compatibility of your webbrowser with the platform:


Internet connection:
Internet facilities of professional organisations are often subject to limitations or restrictions to avoid or limit abusive use of the internet.

Working from a private home may therefore be the easiest to connect.
Working from a private home internet connection avoids these limitations or restrictions.

If you work from a professional environment:
In some cases, if you connect to the Guest-server you may suffer from less restrictions.
If you prefer to use the regular internet connection, ask your IT responsible to open the proxy for the domain that will be used for the UCPSS streaming.:
The domains that are used are the following: - Event platform
. - webinar software - video chat - hosting

Testing your system:
You can test if you are using a compatible web-browser and if the on-line platform can reach sufficient “services, e.g. camera” from you PC by opening the following test-site, entitle “Let's Get Digital Testing Suite”

You can check:
• If and how your camera images are received by the on-line platform...
• If you are using a compatible internet browser
• If your internet browser is up to date
• If you are able to connect with the necessary servers.

You get to see 2 windows for displaying the test results:

LEFT WINDOW: Platform services
It shows
• A short checklist: should be flagged “OK”
• Also a video with blanket test colors
• It also shows an example youtube movie
Both should be showing well.

RIGHT WINDOW: Session services
It shows
• a checklist: and the result of the checks
• how your camera images are received by the on-line platform...:
If you get an all black window it means your camera imaging did not work properly.


IN CASE the test reveals PROBLEMS with microphone or video:
(only for people who will make use of this: i.e. chairpersons, speakers and participants asking live questions).
This test can only be done from within the on-line platform
Check if you have granted access to chrome to use your camera and microphone.
Go to the menu on the right top side, a dropdown menu comes out and at the bottom you can click “Test Camera”

Screenshot 2021 04 09 at 09.41.53












A pop-up will appear and inform you if you have granted access to chrome or not:
- If you have granted access, check following:
o Are your camera en micro well connected?
o Restart your computer
o Check if your operating system recognizes the micro and camera.
o If all above are correct please contact your local IT
- If you have not granted access then proceed as explained on following page.